variables and lightboxes

Is there a way to have the built in "x" that closes a lightbox, to have a trigger that adjusts a variable? I'm trying to get a lightbox to open, and when they close it, the state of an image from that main slide changes. If that's not possible, is there a way that when you lightbox a slide, it goes to the next slide or specified slide upon closing using the built in "x"?

Thank you!


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Meryem M

If it is a simple trigger that opens the lightbox, then you can apply your state change on the same action that opens the lightbox. Look at the attached story.

There are no variables to change the state. The button opens the lightbox. But, on the button click, there is another trigger to change the state of the rectangle. Since both are on the same click, the state would change and immediately following that the lightbox opens. So, hopefully, the user doesn't see the state change until the lightbox closes.

I added a slow fade-in animation on the "done" state of the rectangle. If their computer is slow opening the lightbox, they might see a filcker of the state change, but the animation helps prevent that.