Variables and Radio buttons

I'm not sure how to explain this.

In my course I have a story (Comic strip style) working on a timeline.  After each strip of story (relating to a time on the timeline) the trainee has to select a colour button for each charactor.  At the end of my story I want to have a results slide that show which colour buttons was selected for each timeline strip.  I hope this makes some sense.  I have no idea how to do this and have been struggling with the 'Search' function on this site. 

I have attached a demo of what it should look like.


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Brian Allen

Hi Nelia, I've updated and attached your .story file with your radio buttons fixed for the 18 month "shining" example (Karl).

Here is a tutorial that walks through creating variables, then triggers that adjust these variables:

I also adjusted the state of the radio button on your results slide for Karl dependent upon the value of the variable set in the 18 month example on slide 1:

Here is a screenshot for creating the variables - 

A screenshot for creating triggers that adjust the value of the variables, dependent upon which radio button is selected - 

And finally a screenshot for changing the state of the radio button on Karl's result slide (18 month) dependent upon the value of the variable - 

Hope this helps!

Nelia Roberts

Thank you this was really helpful, Brian.  In the end I changed the states of the markers to reflect the colour of the button selected at the relevant slides.  This looks better in the end.  :o)

Thanks again for helping me with this, your variable suggestions came in very useful to make this work.