Variables and States question

Dec 03, 2013

I'm stumped and have tried everything I can think of so I'm sending it out to the community for help.  I have an interaction on a ptototype that I hope to have go as follows:

Learner clicks on a thought bubble which takes them to a layer with three question options (poor choice, moderate choice and best choice).  The learner selects a question and clicks on it.  In doing so, the layer closes and the state of a shape on a base layer changes in response to it (the states are different levels of transparency of the fill of this object which is overtop of another object - thus making it more visible or less visible depending on the answer selected).  

I have a trigger on the thought bubble to take them to the layer.  On the layer, I have a trigger on each question choice that adjusts a variable (PoorQuestion and BestQuestion - the moderate choice doesn't change anything so there is no variable to it) to true to reflect the choice.  Below each of these triggers is a trigger to hide the layer.

On the base layer, I want to have triggers on the shape to adjust the state to the next degree of transparency on the start of the timeline of the shape if the answer is the best choice, or conversely, adjust the state to less transparency if it's a poor choice.)  I have the triggers on the shape to change the state on the condition of the state of the shape and the value of the question variable.

And it isn't working.  Any ideas?  I will attach a prototype file so you can see the idea.

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