Variables and Tabs

I have a slide with three layers that are visited by tab buttons.  I have a trigger that disables the Next button that i don't want to be available until the three layers have been viewed.  I am having problems with the variable trigger that changes the state of Next button to normal. 

Can someone help?

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Diane Fallier

I modified your states so that visited looks like your down state. Then I let Storyline set the states as the buttons were clicked. Then, I change the state of the next button to normal when the state of all the buttons are visited.

This is a little different from the look and feel you had. Let me know if this doesn't work for you and you really want to use variables.

Steve Hazelton

If you want to keep going with what you had, you need to add a conditional variable to tell it when to change the Next button back to Normal. Add the trigger to each layer (just copy and paste). Make sure it is below the trigger that changes the value for that layer (as shown in the screen shot below) so that the value changes before the conditional trigger looks at the value.

Randy Hill

Michael, I helped another gentleman with similar situation earlier, you can check out that thread here.

When looking at your file, I agree with Diane, the buttons need an actual visited state. You don't need the down state. You want to make sure that as often as possible you let the built in button states do the work so you don't need to use triggers. So I added the visited state, removed the down state, and then added a selected state. With the selected state you can add each of the buttons to a button set. I added each of the three buttons to a CageCards button set. This will allow the user to select any of the buttons that are a part of that group and then the others will become deselected. 

I also added in the triggers to change the Next button back, both by timeline and by state. Please let me know if you have any questions.