Variables and Text Entry

Attached is my mock-up of following this procedure but adding branching to it:

I have the variables reported on the results slide for testing, and I think some triggers may be out of order because the Q1Text variable should be the same as Q1.

I haven't uploaded to LMS to test how it reports, but do you guys think this design will work?

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Rebekah Massmann

Ehhhh, I'm not getting all the data I need unfortunately! One thing I should mention, I have to publish in SCORM 2004 in order for my LMS to be able to report answers. I don't know if that makes a difference.

I guess I don't understand why it will only report short answer data and not the choices selected. If I were writing a quiz where I wanted to see item level data for every multiple choice answer, for example, is there not a way to do that?

But aside from that, can someone help me troubleshoot why the method is not working as expected? I feel like what's happening is the hidden short answer fields are not being set equal to the variable. I just don't know how to fix it.

Mike Taylor

I assume that's the data you're pulling from your LMS? Do you know if the LMS requires a specific version of SCORM 2004? i.e 4th edition vs 3rd edition etc  Have you asked your LMS support folks about this yet?  In a previous life I often had to run a course in SCORM Cloud to show my LMS support guy a course was passing certain data before he would ever do anything. (I sent him a copy of the debug logs)  Typically, if it works in SCORM Cloud it isn't a problem with the course. Have you tried anything like that yet? 

Mike Taylor

Hey Rebekah! I'm sorry I didn't notice it before but it looks like you don't have a results slide in there. You need to have that for the data to get reported to the LMS.  I think that should do the trick. I just added one to your file and tested it with Articulate Online and the answers were in there. 

Mike Taylor I see your results slide. I re-ran it with your original file and the data was reported like shown here below. What data dislayed on your results slide do you want to report to the LMS? Their selection and comments if applicable? Why do you need to use a variable? Sorry that I'm not following the logic...maybe if I go refill my coffee mug I'll do better next time. 8-)

Rebekah Massmann

Just wanted to update this thread. I ended up submitting a support case and below is what I found out. I'm uploading the file here, in case anyone needs a similar solution.

I would advise against deleting the default textentry variable that is used by the short answer question slide can.

There is also a timing issue with your "jump to next slide" triggers.  Since the slide immediately goes to another slide when the variable changes, the "submit interaction" trigger does not have a chance to be executed and this trigger is needed to have the question tracked by the results slide.   Another problem that  may arise is that the slide goes to the next slide when the submit interaction trigger is executed.  You can work around this by putting in your branching on the next slide.