Variables and Triggers

I have recreated a course in Storyline 360 so that I can use branching for a pre-start test. I have everything set up and I can clearly see that my slides are linked/branching where they should be.

I appear to have the variables and triggers all set up, but when I check that it all works in preview, I can only branch to one of my options - since that happens to be the next slide along, I don't know if the branching is even working.

I've added a couple of screen grabs to show what I have in place and also showing that the screens are branched.

I have watched a YouTube clip by David Anderson multiple times and seem to be following what he has suggested, but despite that I cannot get it to work properly.

I've just spent two days recreating the content to be able to do this, so I'm now rather frustrated that I've either got it completely wrong, or that I've missed something and can't see what the problem is.

Any thoughts?

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Elaine Cottam

Hi Phil

I have checked that I was previewing the whole course and it still doesn't work.

I have redone the triggers, I have checked the quiz answers are correct, but I still have both options branching to the same place, which is the 2.1 page. It doesn't seem to matter that I know I get 100%, and therefore should be taken to 3.1, that just doesn't happen.

Elaine Cottam

Sorry all, but I'm going to ask a really stupid question now - what format do I say my file as to be able to add the attachment. I haven't used Storyline very much and when I have, it has generally been to create 1-2 slides and add them into a Rise course so I automatically save as a Review 360 file.

Elaine Cottam


File attached - I've left on the information which takes people through the initial steps and splits off to other places so that the triggers are visible through to different places up to a point.

A number of the screens are placeholders to get it up and running, but since I can't even do that at the moment, it doesn't really matter!

Walt Hamilton

You need to populate the Results.ScorePercent variable. That is done automatically when you submit an interaction. So on each question slide, the submit button needs a "submit Interaction" trigger. Be sure you place it above the "Jump to next Slide" in the list of triggers, or it won't be executed.