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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angelica!

Thanks for those details - we'll try to replicate this on our end. When you say "animated text blocks" do you mean that you have a text box on your slide that has an entrance animation applied to it? What animation did you use? Also, can you please share a screenshot of what the slide looks like with you view the content with HTML5? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angelica,

I've seen reports of some folks having issues with Arial font when viewed with Firefox, so I'd like you have our Support Engineers take a look at your file to verify that it's related to the issue. You can send it to them directly right here, and they'll be in touch with you shortly thereafter!

David Henry

Hi, we've experienced this as well where we were seeing inconsistent fonts used on the same slide where a variable was used. Our solution, whilst not ideal, was to create a blank variable and reference it in all text boxes on that particular slide. End result is consistent fonts displayed on the slide despite the users system font. Might work for others too if it's consistency you're after.