Variables, Conditions, Ending a Course


I just started working with Storyline last week  - so please bear with me if these questions have simple answers. I'm very new to design, and until now we have been using an authoring tool within our LMS and it's very rudimentary. I'm currently using the trial of Storyline but am planning on presenting this project to leadership to persuade them to purchase the tool. This is a training for conducting a home safety check (we do addiction treatment which is why the paraphernalia is involved). I want to make it so the course ends after finding 5 items (for now - this is just a very basic version of what I would like to do with this). I figured out how to make the count increase within the text box, however if you click the same object twice, the count still rises.  I've tried doing separate variables, however I can't get the numbers to add up in the count box. I want learners to be able to see how many of the items they have found, and not be able to exit until they have found all 5. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also not sure if I even uploaded the file right, so please let me know if I messed that up.

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Walt Hamilton

You were on the right track with individual variables. Make them T/F, with a default of False, and switch them to True when found. That way, they are counted only once.

Set the menu slide to reset to initial value when revisited. That way the timeline starts each time you visit, and can be used to fire the triggers that count the items found.

When the timeline starts, set the count to 0, and add one for each variable that is true.  100% guaranteed accuracy.