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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Karen,

See if this meets your needs. I've only done 3 pictures, but you should get the idea

Create a number variable. I called mine count. Default is set to 0.

Insert a button and create a trigger for the button that

ACTION: Adjust variable



VALUE: Value 1

WHEN: User clicks

OBJECT: the button you inserted

Insert the pictures. In my case, I made the initial state of all 3 hidden.

Then I created triggers to change the state of the pictures when the user clicked the button. For example:

ACTION: Change state of

ON OBJECT: Picture 1 Balloon flower

TO STATE: Normal

WHEN: User clicks

OBJECT: Button 1


and, if you check out the triggers, the BE Susans display if the count=2; the vinca displays if the count 03