Variables entering name and date to be used in success slide at course end.

I am looking to learn if it is possible to correct a few issues I am having with variable entry boxes at the beginning of the course. They are used later at the end to be recalled as part of the success slide...typically published for WEB use. The issues are:

- The entry date needs to be entered in as just numbers so it looks a little odd when called up later. Is there a way to add dashes or forward leaning "/" marks ?

- The name entry field will not clear out the wording showing when entering the name. It will replace the character it is going over but must be manually cleared by backspace or delete buttons instead of just dissappearing as soon as the first character appears. 

Any help appreciated. 


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Randy Hill

Ok, so a couple things. For the dashes in the date field, no you really can't add those in, what I might do is change the date to be 3 separate boxes if you want to do that, then you can add in what ever dash or backslash you want between them when you repost.

As for the Name entry field, don't have a default value for the name variable, that is why you have to highlight it and type over, storyline takes that as you have already entered on name. Just enter your Type Name Here text in the actual box on the timeline. It will disappear when a user starts to type in it.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if I missed a question in there.

Randy Hill

See if this helps. So the variable for your name entry field, clear that so there is no default value in the variables table. (See Variables image attached)

Then on the main timeline, select your name entry field and type the test you want displayed there. (See Timeline image attached). Let me know if that makes sense or if you need a little more help.