Variables for D&D

Hello StrorylineLovers!

I worked with SL not so long and have stack on one slide.

I have drag&drop slide where three columns. Person will choose to which column drag a correct answer. I made numeric variable %tasks% which calculate all correct answers dropt. Nevertheless, if a person choose a correct column, then change it to another/wrong column and drop back to correct one it counts this also! So, as I’m having 5 correct answers and in total I need 5 points from one column and this ruin my plans. I know I have to add something on my conditions but nothing helps what I tried.

By the way, as I mentioned I chose numeric variable because after person will finish this task there will be 3 result layers: all correct, more than 50% correct and less than 50% correct. I created 3 triggers when to show each layer but I don’t know how to use them or add to a button :)

File in att. Hope for your help guys!

Thank youin advance!

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Emily Ruby

Hi Alexi!

I played around with some ideas, and one thing you can do is add a T/F variable for each drop item default to False. Then set a trigger on each one to adjust the variable to true when the item is dropped in the correct place. This trigger will need to be under the Add to Task variable to work properly. Then add a condition to the Add to Task Trigger to only happen if the new variable is set to True.

I added this for Banana, Pineapple, and Lemon to test. The first drop will add +1, and any other drops will not add this number.