Variables for when a User re-enters course

I have a course where a user has to view 12 different videos before they are marked as complete. With each video completed, the user receives a checkmark letting them know that that video has been complete. The course is not marked as complete until there are 12 checkmarks showing. My problem for example, is if a user views 4 videos, exits the course, then re-enters the course, those 4 videos no longer show as complete. 

I'm guessing that there is an easy fix but I cant seem to find it.

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pratiek ganesh

Hello Brett,

You could try this out ! 

In player properties, under settings there is a resume feature that says 'On Restart'   

you can select 'Always resume' option. 

This should work good if you are not publishing it for LMS. 

here is the link for your reference.

Let me know if it worked. 




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brett and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

The resume behavior should still work well for you, but it may be dependent on how you've built those variables into the course.

Have you set the resume behavior?

Are you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud as well or is this limited to your LMS?

If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share the .story project file.