Variables from a resource table

We are designing a course to teach the effects of selling certain items on the salesperson's commission.  We have about 15 categories of products we want to represent, and for each category we would demonstrate:

  1. a product
  2. a sales rate ($)
  3. a commission rate (%)
  4. a commission ($)

So that's 60 variables that will be utilized over about 20 slides of discussion and example.   All this is fine on the surface.

However, we want the course to stay accurate over time.  Product rates change, commission rates change, and the example commissions would thus change as well.

What I'd like to do is have a TABLE holding all of these values, either in a Storyline slide or in an external file that Storyline could read the value in each time it's opened.  This way we only have to maintain the one table.

When Storyline opens, we'd then want to parse the values from that table into the 60 variables, then all the slides would simply "do their thing", no surgical edits needed all throughout the course, as long as we design the use of those variables correctly.

So, how can I use a table to control read values in this way?   Any possibility here?

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Jerry Beaucaire
Storyline table cells can hold references to variables. 

This is the opposite of what I was asking.   Is it possible to open the .STORY file and use a table on a slide to store a myriad of values, then have those values read into variables when the  published course is opened by a student?