Variables - holding selection from 1 pg to show image/txt on other

Jun 26, 2013

I would like for my learner to be able to make a category selection. for example, beginner, intermediate, or expert. I would like this information (text/image) held within the module to be pulled up later.

I would like to be able to do 2 things.

1) Tally points based on correct/incorrect answered questions throughout the module, then, intermittently show how they are doing according to the category at that time in the module. For example after every 5 questions, they are shown how many correct answers. If it is 3 then the text and image for beginner show up, if 4 correct then the text and image for intermediate shows up, etc. So, some sort of a show layer or show state function based on the numeric total of points.

2) At the end, I would like for their initial category selection to show up alongside their tallied total and rank. For example, if they initially selected beginner, then on one side of the page they would see the text/image for beginner and then based on their score, on the other side they would see their end score and text/image for their final category based on score. So, if they selected beginner and scored higher in the intermediate category, both before learner selection and after learner earned category would show up.

How do I *hold* the initial selection and use it to make items show up on following pages without having to create multiple pathways?

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