Variables in Articulate

Hello community,

I created some Try Mode slides for a new module I am designing. The module is to teach users using a software.

The idea behind it is:

1) When users click on the wrong part of the screen an 'Incorrect' message will appear. They can click Continue.

2) A HINT button will then become visible so users can get a caption which gives them help to find the correct answer.

3) If the user clicks again on an incorrect part of the screen a second 'Incorrect' message will appear. They click Continue.

4) A new button called: ANSWER will appear. If they click on ANSWER a new caption will direct them towards the correct answer.

I have been using numeric variables so far, but the only slide that works is the first one, then I cannot make the rest of them work!

I read many posts on the Articulate community about variables but I could not find an example of what I need in my module.

Hope someone can help!

P.S. Please let me know if you need me to post the Articulate file....

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Tony Hersey

Hi Arianna,

It sounds like you might be trying to re-use the same variables for each slide.  It's important to remember that variables are persistent in their values.  This means if you change a numeric variable on a slide, that variable is now equal to that value throughout the presentation, unless you alter it.

You may want to either create a specific variable for each slide that only gets used once, or perhaps reset your variables at the start of each slides timeline.

I hope this helps.