Variables in HTML 5 - Section Menu

I'm working on a section menu, that will restrict the user from moving forward but allow them to move back and highlight the current section. It works like the regular side bar Articulate menu when it has restricted navigation, but it more compact. It seems to be working fine in flash.

Flash Version

I know the in-built navigation restricted navigation doesn't work in HTML5, and I'm finding an issue with my menu also. All kinds of craziness ensues when I view it in HTML 5. 

HTML5 Version

The variable inexplicably changes mid timeline to a higher value, and then the logic in the menu buttons is thrown into chaos. I've tried to rethink it and rebuilt it in a number of ways to see if I can find a way it will work in HTML5, considering things like if the timeline isn't resetting, or looking for ways the HTML5 player works differently I can code around, but that inexplicable and as far as I can tell, completely uncalled for change of the variable has me beat. 

The Storyline File is attached. 

The main question I have is, should variables work in HTML5 and I've missed something, or am I going down a rabbit hole and burning hours trying to get this to work? We really would like a simple menu solution for HTML5 that restricts navigation, but is it simply not possible? We are hoping to use the mobile player soon, but out LMS doesn't yet have TinCan, and might not until mid next year, so we really need some kind of solution for iPads in HTML, which I'm not wondering, does that mean dropping menu navigation all together and just having the button pop up at the end of each slide... ah, questions.

Many thanks for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dann, 

I see that after some additional testing, Miker was able to reset up your .story file as follows:

Here's what I did to correct the issues you're having with the HTML5 version of your story: 

1. Set "Initial state" for buttons/menus corresponding to current slide to "Current" 
2. Set "Initial state" for all other buttons/menus in the slide to "Disabled". 
3. Set "Initial state" for all already visited buttons/menus to "Normal". Additionally, you will need to attach the trigger for When Timeline starts to the slide itself, and not the button. Additionally, I've removed the condition checking for Current Slide, but retained a modified version to the Advance condition. Instead of having it set to greater than, I've made this to greater than or equal to. 

Doing all three steps above will effectively eleminate the necessity to include triggers to set your buttons/menus to disable or current. The only remaining trigger for each button will be the jump to the scene or slide trigger. 

To correct the variable references for Current Section and Advance to, you will need to set the Adjust variable trigger to "Timeline starts" with the slide instead of the Polygon object. 

He also shared a link in the email to a new copy of your Storyline project and published version.