Variables in lightbox slides

I have a slide that is an interactive lightbox. I want to ensure that the participants click on 3 different hot spots on the lightbox slide prior to closing the lightbox. on regular slides,  i use a variable and add a value each time they click, then activate next button based on = to or > than the required # of clicks.  Any way to prevent them from clicking on the lightbox "x" to close the window until they complete all the interactive elements on the lightbox slide??  Can't seem to figure it out!

Thanks for the help!

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Diana Svatošová

There is point where too many custom features or options to customise software make software less easy. good example of yours wheare adding extra options to prebuilt lightbox makes lightbox less easy

I tink sam's tip is good solution which lets you make many customizations unique to your eLearnings

lightbox is simple quick solution, need more create own solution. works like Engage'9-simple form but less custom; if want more custom need to build own solution