Variables make drag drop goofy.

May 24, 2013

I'm looking to let a student design an avatar to use in the lesson AND THEN they can also put glasses or a mustache on them. I wanted to set it up using true false triggers on all the elements of a drag drop interaction. I don't want the items to snap to the drop target, but to be free.  It works great until I add the triggers, then regardless of what I do, the drop items always snap to the center of the drop target (when I need them to be free).

If you look at my sample file, you can see that you drag the male or the female. If you drag any of the black elements, it works great. If you drag the glasses that I have color coded as red, the glasses snap to the center of the drop.

Anyone know how to solve this? Or have a creative work around???

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


I saw exactly what you described with the red glasses, Kristin. Phil's right (surprised ? ). If you right-click the target (rectangle 1) in slide view, you'll see that Snap to Center is still checked. If you set it to free, the glasses work correctly.

The correct character appears on the next slide, but without the glasses/and or mustache. Is that what's supposed to happen? There's also a pair of glasses on slide 1.2 And I see there's a trigger there as well?

Very cool idea, Kristin!

Kristin Savko

Thanks Phil! I had no idea those options were buried under the right click. TA-da!

Rebecca- Once I got the drag drop behavior squared away, I cleaned up slide 1.2.

You can take a look at it now if you're interested. Basically each "accessory" has a t/f variable so that if the learner drags an accessory onto their selected character, it will appear on the character on slide 1.2 as well. 

I think it's working pretty well now.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kristin,

Really very cool! Just a FYI that the handlebar mustache isn't working - that is, it's not showing up on the characters on Slide 2. You need to add a trigger to adjust that variable to true when the handlebar mustached is dropped on rectangle 3. I'm sure it was an oversight. You clearly have it all planned out very nicely.

It's reminding me of colorforms . I'm thinking I"ll be able to use this idea at some point. Thanks!

Wessel van Heerden

Hi, I see this conversation was already 3 years ago. I want to do the same thing, but I want to go a bit further. I want children to drag and drop to build there own Avatar, but then I want there specific Avatar they build to be used in the rest of the e-learning as there special unique avatar. Next time when they do the elearning again they can build a new avatar and use that one through their course. Can anyone help. Sorry for my english, it is not my mother tong.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wessel!

This thread is a bit dated and I've not even seen recent conversations about avatars. There are a couple of threads, such as here and here, that talk about avatars and 3rd party software.

There is also an article here about choosing your character. I know this example is pre-made, but perhaps it could inspire you.

Otherwise, hopefully someone in the community will be able to pop in and assist with your design request. Good luck!

Wessel van Heerden

Leslie: I hope you can help me or anybody else. I can upload what I created so far. I used the same method as explained above, but my "result" does not work. I created a drag and drop scenario (Still very rough) where the child can build their own Avatar with a lot of choices. Now I want to use their chosen result later in the course as their own personal profile. I am just stuck on how to create that. It works on top here with the other example, but mine does not work. Is there something I am missing? I would really love assistance. See my example attached.

Kind regards.

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