Variables not be stored when user exists the course

Oct 30, 2020

Good Day,

I honestly hope someone can assist me, as I have tried numerous ways to resolve the current problem. I have a course that has 13o screen + 90 quizzes. However, the 130 screens is actually one screen with buttons that moves forward or backwards and when the end of a lesson is reached, the quizzes for that lesson is kicked in.

While testing the one screen course everything works find, I am loading the correct information as the user moves forward and backward and executes the quizzes correctly. I set the player to always resume, i.e. to restart where the user last exited the course. The challenge comes when the user exits the course. I keep a variable tracking which lessons information was loaded and constantly update this variable as the user moves forward and backward in the course. 

When the user returns to the lesson the variable that I keep track of which lesson was last loaded is set to zero and the user has to redo the entire course. Since I only have one screen/slide it knows that it was the last slide viewed. But I have code (javascript) that check what the tracking variables value is and then tries to load the lesson based on this variable. While you in the course it works fine, but when I exit it loses the value and the user must redo the entire course.

If I enter a value in a NumericEntry variable, it stores the value entered, but when I assign a value to the NumericEntry variable and exit the course the value is lost.

Please help... I need a variable that will hold the tracking value and when the user enters the course a second or third time, that variable must hold my tracking lesson number.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Earl,

Variable values and other progress info is only saved when a course is published for and run within an LMS. 

Playing a course on your laptop or a website doesn't save that info when you exit the course. Unfortunately, that means you can't test the resume functionality without loading the course in an LMS. You could use the SCORM CLOUD for that. (I haven't used it, but you'll find lots of references to it in the Forum.)

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