Variables not performing as desired

Mar 24, 2014

I am building a course and with 4 scenes. I have added 4 True/False variables, App, Cus, Emp, Sys. Each variable is assigned the initial value of False.

Scene 1 has no variables and is a straightfoward beginnig to end scene.

Scene 2 is branched. Slide 1 of Scene 2 has 4 options which are to be completed in order. All options are listed on Slide 1 of Scene 2 and all options have a button however, only option 1 has an active button. The other buttons are in the Disabled state. The active button has a trigger to go to the 1st slide for that scenario. On the last slide of option 1's scenario is a button which reads "Continue". When the learner clicks this button the variable for "App" is suppose to be changed from False to True and then the learner is taken back to Scene 2 Slide 1 where option 1 button's State is changed to Disabled and option 2 button's state is set to Normal (activated). For each of the 4 scenarios this is suppose to happen until the learner finishes all 4 scenarios and then moves on to Scene 3. The variables are not changing from False to True and so the learner is only able to go through scenario 1 over and over again.

Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vince and Walter - welcome to Heroes! 

Trigger order and order of variables are both important to keep in mind, so I'm glad that you were able to figure them out! They took me a bit too when I first got started with Storyline.


If you're still needing additional help let us know!  It often helps in situations with triggers and variables if you're able to share the sample file for the community to take a look at.  

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