Variables not peristant across slides

I have variables set up so that when I click a named object that has 3 states a variable is changed from False to True, so that when the object (with same name) is copied to another slide a trigger will change the object to a new state if the variable is True.

In ordinary words - I want a button to stay in it's Disabled state from lside to slide once it has already been clicked.

It's not working.

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ray laurencelle

I verified that the variable had persisted between the 2 slides.  The reason it wasn't working is that I copied the 3-state object to the new slide and even though it has the same name Storyline is treating it as a unique object.  I had to re-select the new object in the trigger.  Now it works.  Storyline identifies the object by some internal code and not by the name you give it.