Variables not working as expected

I'm using Storyline 2 and am a *complete* novice when it comes to variables. I've included a file that duplicates the situation I'm dealing with.

I'm trying to set up a customized quiz. In the example file I've included, each option in Question 1 is associated with a variable. The default state of each variable is false, and when a user selects the option button associated with the variable, the state changes to true.

On the Quiz Results page, the user can click the Review Quiz button, which accesses the Quiz Feedback scene. What I'm attempting to do is have the relevant layer on the feedback slide display based on the value of the variable associated with the user's selection for Question 1. That's not happening, though, and I'm not sure why.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

- Jennifer J. Williams

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Walt Hamilton

The triggers on the review slide don't work because they depend on a variable changing. Since the variable changes on a different slide, that action is not available to the triggers; they never know it happened.


Follow the attached video for a suggested change.

As for getting a score, using a built in format may be the easiest method. Then you can customize the feedback layers. Using your variables, you can show the appropriate layer.  Attach the trigger to the submit button, but place it before the built-in 'Submit"  trigger.

Alternately, click on the little gear icon and select the Submit button to show on your slide. Using its built-in function and a result slide is absolutely the easiest method to get scores.

Jennifer Williams


That's a great tip about the Submit button.

I'm not sure I understand one thing, though. In the video it looks like you selected a radio button on the quiz feedback slide instead of on the quiz question itself.  My users will be making a selection on the Question 1 slide, then proceeding to the Quiz Results page and accessing Feedback 1 from there. 

Feedback 1 is intended to replace Storyline's built-in Quiz Review feature. The built-in feature can't be edited, which is why I'm trying to set up a customized one.

Thanks much!

- Jennifer