Variables not working correctly in Storyline 1 after installing update 7

Nov 22, 2014

I have been working on a project in Storyline 1. I have used the following variables in the past before to restrict navigation. The goal is for the next button to not progress to the next slide until the timeline finishes. Before update 7 the following worked to accomplish this:


This works on the first slide on each scene, but does not work after that. I've checked with another designer on the project and they are having the same problem.

Is this a bug in Storyline 1, update 7? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

p.s. I know there is a better way to do this in Storyline 2, but we did the first part of a large set of modules in 1 before 2 came out, so we don't want to switch in the middle of the set.


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Mike Enders

Hi Teresa,

Sorry to hear that your project is suddenly not playing nice. As far as I know, there's nothing in the update that would impact the variables.  A few questions/thoughts:

1. It looks like the formatting on your post got a little messed up.  Is there text underneath the images that should be visible?  If so, I might be missing part of your solution...but with that said...

2. Are you using that single T/F variable for the entire scene?  If so, then the behavior you're seeing would be expected.  Since you're triggering the variable to True, you'd need an additional trigger at the beginning of the next slide to turn the variable back to false to stop the learner from progressing.

So basically, on each slide you'd have two triggers focused on the variable:

Trigger 01:  Adjust variable to False when timeline starts

Trigger 02: Adjust variable to True when media completes

On the next button you'd have: 

Jump to next slide when user clicks next button IF variable is equal to True.

If you're using multiple T/F variables (say, one for each slide), then you'd only need to trigger that particular slide's associated T/F variable to True when the timeline completes (no need to set it to false at the start of the slide).

I hope this helps...




Caesar Aycocho


I am also experiencing some 'problems' with Update 7 in using variables and states.

I am having trouble in getting the trigger to show layer when the state of an image changes.  I also cant use variable (T/F) to show a layer then its value is True.

If I try to isolate the event in another Storyline project, it works.  But when I use the trigger in the real project file, it does not work.

I am losing precious time just getting it to work.

My troubles occurred I guess when I updated to Update 7.

Would you suggest to rollback to Update 6?

Caesar Aycocho

The trade-off could be worth it for now.

I also tried opening the SL1 project file in SL2.  But not all pages migrated successfully to SL2.  In fact, there were pages that would simply not load.  When I tried going to a page, it gives me an error message.

I even tried importing the SL1 pages to SL2.  But this also did not work.

I am getting tired already.

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