Variables not working

Feb 12, 2015

I've created an agenda with a variety of states (hover, been in, disabled and normal) for each topic and am trying to make the learner move down the list, but revisit a topic they've already been in.  I initially set the status of each line (except the first) to disabled, but then hover didn't work.  So I changed the state to normal, and on the trigger to link to each scene added conditions, that the previous topics had to be visited (or been in) first.  I then added a true/false variable to change the state of the current topic to 'been in' when clicking on the Next button at the end of each scene (which takes you back to the agenda).

Unfortunately the variables don't seem to be working.  Initially the agenda only lets me in the first topic, but now the state isn't changing, even though I've clicked the next button at the end of the scene which should be changing its state.

I can't send you the project as it's commercially confidential - but would welcome any suggestions.  I've also tried changing the state when clicking on the topic on the agenda - but that doesn't seem to work either.

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