Variables not working when typed in?

Hey there,

I am designing a little simulator of Python programming, and using text fields checked against variables to simulate coding.

I have had some success so far, but I have run into a problem. I have the variable preset to the correct answer, and when I click execute, it works. When I type it in myself, I get no response. I've checked and rechecked to see if I was mistyping, but I wont rule that out, but I honestly think I am doing this correctly. 

Any thoughts? It's attached.

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Bill Kelleher

Hey Walt, 

That looks like it will do it. I think as long as I adjust the correct values to feature the prime marks, rather than curved quotation marks, I should be in the clear. Hopefully once I do that, there won't be any odd parsing by browser when it's hosted to send primes back to quotes.

Thanks for the assist!