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Christie Pollick

Hi, Nathan -- Thanks so much for reaching out and for sharing your file! While testing in Safari, I seem to be experiencing the same difficulties you have described. I was not able to locate another instance where this issue has already been reported, so I'd like to recommend that our Support Engineers take a closer look for you. Please use this form to submit a case and if you can share your ticket number, we will gladly follow along. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, all -- I checked in on Nathan's case and I thought I would share the following from Jonathan, one of our engineers:

"I have tested your Storyline project in Safari for Mac and we were able to finish the game. Here's a screenshot to show you that we were able to finish it and it worked. May I ask what version of Safari in OS X are you using? Is Flash Player enabled in your Safari for Mac?"

I will continue to monitor for additional updates and will share them here!