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Jul 22, 2020

I have 8 buttons linked to 8 text boxes. I want the user to be able to click on a number and see text and when the user clicks on one of the other numbers the current text disappears and the new text appears. I'm not quite sure how to most efficiently accomplish that. Is it necessary to create a trigger for each button to display, then 7 triggers to hide each of the other texts for each of the buttons or is there an easier way? I am using SL3.   THANKS!

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Dave Cox

Hi Sylvia,

It sounds like you only want one text box to display at a time.

The most efficient way to do that would be to use one text box with 8 states.

Then Each button would only need to change the state of the text box to the correct state to display the text for that button.

Another efficient way to do this would be to use layer. 

Then Each button only needs to show the appropriate layer. Each layer will close the other layers based on the layer settings. 

Each method has its advantages, and both work equally well. 

I've included a project with both examples. Example 1 is on slide 1 and example 2 on slide 2.



Walt Hamilton

Another option is to use states. Make the text appear as part of the selected state for each button. Make the eight buttons a button group, and you won't need any triggers at all. The drawback is that after you select the first button. there will always be one text showing unless you make a ninth button with no visible difference between Normal and Selected. Clicking it will hide the other eight.

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