Variables, States and Triggers – Oh My!

I think I need someone's expert eye to help me figure out where my variable and/or trigger order is incorrect on the attached scene.  Once I get it right, I plan to duplicate it and have additional scenarios where there are more layers to simulate a larger work assignment. 

On slide 2.2, the user is presented with a simulation of an electronic case record (ECR).  There's a 3 step process for each "document" in the ECR.

1. Select the document: From that page the user is supposed to single click a line to select a document to view. 

2. Open the document: When that line/hot spot is double clicked a light box or link opens to view a document".  Most of these will be light boxes, but each scenario will also have a document file for the Application line.

3. Mark the assignment complete:  After viewing the document, the user needs to "finish the document assignment" by clicking on the "assign" button on the right to open the assignment screen, choosing the radio button for "Action Completed" and then click OK to return to the ECR page again. 

Then they repeat the action for the other documents on the ECR screen until each has been selected, viewed, and the assingment completed.  When all are done, they exit and will be able to move onto another scenario.  If they try to exit the ECR without completing all of the assignments, they get a warning to go back and fix the problem.

It is all working really well until I get to completion of the last assignment.  It doesn't seem to matter which order I run the interaction, when I open the assignment for the "last document" the assignment already shows as complete, but it is showing an assignment from a different layer. 

I've already spent a lot of time trying to figure out the error of my ways and I think I need someone smarter to take a look.  Thanks in advance!

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