Variables & States - Not sure what to use

Jul 30, 2012

I'm very new with development - no code writing experience at all & storyline. 

What I have so far is a base slide "home" with 3 buttons.  2  of the buttons take you to slide layers, the 3rd takes you to a new slide "features".  

"Features" slide has 4 buttons, each taking you to new slides, with their own menu of buttons. 

Q1: On each slide I want to have a "home button" which will always return the user to the "home" slide, base layer.  How can I have "back" buttons that return me to the "home" slide layer, rather than base layer?

Q2: A lot of my buttons throughout are to "play ____demo", which have triggers to jump to slide (1st slide in a step-by-step screen recording)when clicked. What I am finding when previewing the course is that the first time the user clicks the button to play demo, the demo plays properly.  If the user clicks the play demo button again, the demo doesn't play properly.  It's like it doesn't start at the beginning, or show all of the content (captions, etc.) - the timing is not right. 

Not sure if it matters, but on each slide in my step-by-step demos, I have a "home" & "back" button.  The back button is triggered to return user to previous slide. 

I have a feeling that my answer to Q1 has something to do with using variables & states - but with my limited knowledge & experience, I'm just not sure if this is right, or how to go about it. 

Thanks in advance for whatever help you are able to provide!

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Colin Eagles

I've only been able to navigate directly to a slides layer by using a variable to have a trigger automatically route the user to the layer.  So, I'd have a trigger that says show layer X when timeline starts, if var1 = True.

But, perhaps Phil has a better way (there are always several ways and I tend to invent the most complicated).

Jen Ferguson

Thanks Colin & Phil!

I adjusted my layout - took the slide layer that I wanted to jump to and made it into a new slide, now I can easily trigger my other buttons to return to the slide, and avoid a jump to a slide layer.  I'm sure your suggestions would work, this was just the easiest fix I could come up with. 

Definitely need to learn more about variables for future development.

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