Variables/States work as expected in preview but not when uploaded to LMS or tempshare

Hi everyone!

I have a menu slide that has steps which change states depending on the user passing quizzes. I want steps 2-5 to be disabled at the start then as they pass the first quiz step 2 will change to normal and step 1 will then show up as completed. I want this to repeat as they go to all steps. I have the states changing based on quiz results. I've played with trigger order and the variables but have no luck. I wonder if it has something to do with the variables because on the LMS when I open the project it shows all steps as completed even though no quizzes have even been attempted.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Raphael.  If you view your content in a browser that has Flash Player enabled, the menu appears correctly when first opened.  I noticed when I switched to the HTML5 output, however, that I got the same result as you did - each of the menu items was in the completed state.

Thanks for sharing your .story file - I'm going to see if I can understand this behavior in the HTML5 output.  I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, try viewing the output in Internet Explorer or enabling Flash Player in Chrome to see the correct behavior.

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Raphael.  I came up with a workaround for you in the meantime.  I narrowed the issue down to the completed state trigger relying on the quiz results variables.  So I changed the variable in the condition to a new one.

When learners pass a quiz, there is a trigger on the success layer to adjust a true/false variable to true, one each for section.  I only did them for Rapport, Education and Workout.  Then, back on the Menu slide, I changed the conditions in the trigger to change the states of those ovals to Normal and completed when the appropriate variable is true.

For example, the initial state of Rapport oval is disabled.  When you pass the Meet quiz, it changes a variable I called active_rapport to true.  When you go back to the menu slide, the Rapport oval is changed to Normal when the timeline starts because that variable is true.  It doesn't change to complete until the next variable is true, active_education, which happens once you pass the Rapport quiz.

Check out the published modification here in HTML5.  And I've attached your modified file so you can have a closer look.  I'm still investigating why it didn't work in the first place, but hopefully this workaround will help you out!