Variables, Tin Can & GrassBlade LRS

Morning all,

I hope someone has experience with this who can help.

We're using LearnDash (WordPress plugin) as our LMS, and I've been doing some testing with GrassBlade to act as our Learning Record Store. 

I've published a sample Storyline file as Tin Can, configured the necessary in my WordPress site with the xAPI plugin that is required, successfully launched the module which has subsequently passed relevant information (what slides have been viewed, what questions have been answered including the status & what the answer was) to the LRS.

The thing I can't figure out is how to pass variables to the LRS. For example, we may have some courses in which the learner doesn't have to log into the website to launch but still want to track certain details about who is taking the course, for this example we'll say name and email address. I set up a page with two text entries to store these details, but values stored in variables don't seem to be passed to the LRS, just that the slide has been 'expereienced'. If I set up a slide as a question with a free text box and ask the learner to enter their name it works fine. The problem is if I want to ask five questions, I'd have to have 5 separate slides asking these as (as far as I'm aware, I hope I'm wrong about this) I can't have 5 text entries on one text entry quiz slide.

So after all that, my question is has anyone successfully, or does anyone know how to pass variables to GrassBlade LRS?

Thanks in advance,

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David Blanchard

Hi Matthew,

Gold! That works a treat. It'll teach me to do a better search on the forum before posting.

The only thing I've found is that the question slide that submits immediately means there is a slight flash between slides. I can drop a shape over it that matches the colour of the backgrounds so it's not particularly noticeable but I'd prefer it if I could stop that happening altogether.

I may just have to be creative as to where I place these slides to minimise chances of them being spotted unless anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks again Matthew, wish I could mark your reply as helpful more than once!


Matthew Bibby

Hi David,

Glad that did the trick! 

You are right about the slight flash between slides. It shouldn't be too much of an issue if you are only sending a couple of variables. In the past, I've added a "Please wait..." message to these slides so that people don't exit the module because the slide is blank.