Variables to maintain the state of objects throughout the project


I am building an interaction where the users will check off previous courses taken, and their choices will trigger various layers to show their progress.  There are 6 different training levels, so I've set up 6 pages, and each page contains a set of "courses taken" buttons and the appropriate layers for each combination of selected courses.  The courses taken buttons are exactly the same on all 6 pages, but different combinations of certain buttons will have specific results for each level of training.  Right now, the users have to select the courses taken every time they go to a different page, and that can be very tedious.

I'd like for the user to select/unselect courses taken on any page, and those buttons to maintain their selected/unselected state throughout the project.  I am using a slide master and put the courses taken buttons there (rather than having 6 independent versions of them).  I'm in the process of setting up the variables, but I'm not sure how to go about this in the simplest way.  There are 22 buttons for the courses taken, and each one will require its own variable.  I'm not sure how to set it up so that the variable maintains the "selected/unselected" states.  (I'm using this video as a guide: //

Please help



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Justyna Szluinska

Hi Peter,

I had a bit of a breakthrough this morning and I managed to get things working (using a much simplified version).  I have 4 triggers for each "choice" button (what will be my courses taken buttons in the full version), and 4 triggers per each layer on a page.  It's not too much an issue with the simplified version, but will be a big job with the full version (which has 22 choice buttons and each page containing between 6-12 layers).

I wonder if I went about the variables the right way and if there is any way to have less triggers, etc.  Thanks so much .


Here are the .story files.

SIMPLIFIED VERSION (with a slide master/variables): Variables_maintain_states_whole_project (attached)

FULL VERSION: (link to published file)