Variables, triggers, conditions...OH MY (please help!)

Hi all!  I've searched and searched in this awesome community but haven't found quite the right solution for what ails me at the moment.  I am trying to create an interaction whereby the learner will collect 'tokens' along their way through the module. At the end of the module these 'tokens' will appear on the last slide, but only if the learner actually clicked on the token during the course of the module.  I have tried both numeric and true/false variables to see if one works better than another, and neither are giving me my desired end result.  The variables are working like a dream (each token resides on a slide layer, if that is of any importance), however at the end of the module I have the state of the token changing from hidden to normal based on the variable, and that does not seem to be functioning.  None of the tokens appear on the last slide even when I have clicked them all.  I'm happy to attach a sample, but would need to strip it first, so wanted to throw my question out there in the hopes someone has a super easy fix before I go through the trouble.  Thanks so much for any guidance!  

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Walt Hamilton

Most problems of this sort result in using the wrong "When" part of the trigger.

For example, "When variable XX changes"  only works on the slide where the user clicks the token and the variable changes.

"When state of XX is" almost never works for a lot of reasons.

One that you can trust is "When timeline of Slide XX starts".

Almost any action that the user initiates, such as clicking, is also reliable.

If none of those is the trouble, then yes, you will have to post a sample.

Lance Treloar

Hi Jackie

Is the attached what you are trying to achieve?  

Clicking a token changes a T/F variable. 

On the final slide all tokens are hidden.  Slide has a when timeline starts change image state to normal on condition that var_x is equal to T

Hopefully is of some help.



Jackie Bartus

Lance - THAT DID IT!  I knew where Walt was going with his suggestion but couldn't wrap my head around how to do it.  Your sample was extremely helpful - THANK YOU!

I love learning new things in Storyline and this has made my life so much easier!!!

Have a great day!