Variables - true/false ...changing state on 'Slide Trigger' ?

HI, I can change the variable on begin/end of slide to true (false is initial set value) but when i go back to my starting/menu page and try to set the State of a button to "completed" it will not work.

I have put the %Variable% on the stage so i can see it changes fine.

I'm basically trying to set a btn to a specific completed (new state) view to show user they have visited all the pages within that section etc. Any ideas?

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Lucille Rowland

Steve Flowers said:

Hi, Paul - 

Check out the attached example. Order of operation matters. One mistake I've made is neglecting to change the trigger event to "timeline starts" from the default "when object clicked".

Hi Steve,

Will this work using slide layers instead of separate slides for each section?