Variables with conditions - Locked options

I'm trying to create a menu that has options unavailable to the user until they have looked into each section.

For example Option one is available but options two three and four are I disabled state.

As option one is viewed and the user returns to the menu, I want option two to become available. and so on after two is viewed three become available etc.

Can anyone shed any light on what variables and conditions  I need to add to get this working?!

Or point me in the direction of a tutorial.  



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Phill,

I just wanted to confirm that you're looking for a custom menu solution - you won't be able to control the Storyline player menu using triggers and variables. 

Hopefully the community will be able to shed some light on ideas here, as it looks like your post was originally flagged as potentially spam - so they may not have seen it right away. 

Phill Dearn

Hi Christie, thanks for that. Only thing is that the disabled button needs to be shown in the menu still but the user should be unable to access it until the previous button is pressed. Iv attached an image of my 'hub'. You can see from screen 2 button down to screen 4 that the initial state is disabled (padlocked) but still visible to the user. 

For the user to then click into the first screen, view whatever information is within that section then upon returning to the menu the next button becomes available and so on. This would mean that the state on button two would then be normal and the content accessible.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Phil

try using a T/F variable that is default to False. Put a trigger on the last slide of scene 1 that adjusts the variable to True when the timeline starts on that last slide of scene 1,.  Then on the hub, trigger change state of Scene 2 button to normal when timeline tarts on hub screen on condition the scene 1 variable is True.  Repeat for the other scenes.

Shout out if you don't understand what I mean

Wendy Farmer

Hi Phill

take a look at the attached sample and see if this is the behaviour you are expecting...

here is a link to introduction tutorial about variables that might help you

Let me know how you go

Melanie Sobie

I've got a template set up that has the basic triggers and states set up for a common menu driven course where the person has to explore each section, one before the other, like you are saying. Also, the next button on the menu is disabled until all sections are visited, then it becomes available to click to get to a conclusion slide. It doesn't require the use of any variables. This is done in Storyline 2. Hope this might help!