Variables with Drag and Drop

So I'm new to Storyline. Is there a way to use graphic feedback in a drag and drop exercise (checkmark for correct, x for incorrect) and corresponding variables to show the proper graphic after SUBMIT is clicked? This is functionality available with other tools and wanted to see if you can do this with Storyline as well.

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Nandini Khandekar

Hi Ken

Graphic feedback can be used in drag n drop exercise. Check the .story file attached. There is no need to use variables. I just changed the state of the drop area when correct option is dropped.

You can use the similar logic for storyline custom Drag n Drop quiz template.


Dipti A

david mckisick

Hi Ken. There is a large array of feedback options that can be used of everything from simple visual feedback such as a check mark or X if you missed something to full animations that would play including video, web objects, audio -- sky is the limit Ken. I find I have a harder time pushing my imagination to come up with cool and interesting feedback methods than Storyline has in accommodating them.