Variables with Mutiple Drop objects/Targets

I confess, I am new to using variables.

I am trying to build an interaction that has 7 droppable objects and two target zones/objects.  user has to drop the two correct objects on each of the target objects to get the solution correct.

I want it to do the following:

Show a "Correct" every time they drop the right object on the right target

Show a "Wrong" every time they drop the wrong object on a target.

Show a "You got them all" when they get both the right objects on both targets (and no wrong objects).

I started with a [objectname]DropCorrect and [objectname]DropWrong (Boolean)for each object and a AllCorrect (Boolean) but cant figure out how to trigger the all correct to true.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Russ,

Those confessions are entirely allowed here! Variables take a bit to get used to for sure. 

Do you have a sample .story file you could share here with us? That's always helpful for the community to see what you're working with and offer help and ideas based on that. Just use the "add attachment" button to upload it here and then folks can take a look!