Variables work in Preview, not in Web


I have set up a pretty simple variable where the needs to "Visit" and read (well, that is desired) the scenarios of 4 characters.

After they visit them, a button gains the ability to be activated and allows for "Next" capabilities to the next slide - a Game. I set a variable called "Complete" so True or False ties in to the "Visited" State.All Visited

Show4 Characters

I have added a "Warning" so when the user tries to "cheat", a layer shows telling them they must visit all of the characters first.

I can get all of this to work fine using the html5 preview, but when working in a live link from a browser, it does not.

I have changed this so that "Button changes to State of Normal" upon visiting the four required characters, and this does work. But the effect is different.

Plus I want to see what I'm potentially doing wrong so I can learn.

Would love some suggestions on this! Thanks, Ed

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ed

when the user clicks the character are they going to a layer of that slide or a new slide?  

If to a layer, put your trigger to adjust the variable on the final layer and change the trigger to when timeline starts or ends on that layer instead of when 'state of'.

If going to new slide, change the trigger to be adjust variable when timeline starts on main slide on condition that state of Char1 = visited  AND state of Char2 = visited and state of Char3 =visited and state of Char4= visited.

If none of that works - as Leslie said share your file - easier to help you troubleshoot if we can see and work with your setup.

Walt Hamilton

Here's my guess: When you preview a slide it works fine. When you publish and try to view it, after you visit one character, you can advance without warning. If that is the case, it is because you only have one variable: complete. Once it is marked true by one of the characters, it is true for all the characters.

If that is the problem, you need to create a separate variable for each character, then write your trigger conditions to check that complete1 is true AND complete2 is true, etc..