Varying the Feedback on Drag'n'drop Questions.

Jun 16, 2016

Hi Heroes!! I have a drag n drop question I need help on...

I would like the learner to drag the trainer to the correct spot in the room.  I built the question first as a blank slide, then converted it to Free Form using the Drag n Drop option.  I have several hotspots, only one of which is correct.

user  builder

HERE'S THE PROBLEM: I would like to give different feedback for each hotspot explaining why it's correct/incorrect.  I thought I could do this in the by using the Feedback options, but there isn't the choice for feedback per hotspot...

Can any help me figure this out?  I've attached the project.

Thanks a million!  -Erin

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erin,

Feedback by choice is only available for certain question types, including Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot.

Since you're using it as a drag and drop question type, you'd need to make it so that the item being dropped in a particular hotspot triggers the showing of a layer with your custom feedback and the ability to try again by closing the layer and allowing the user multiple attempts.

Erin Mahabir

Thanks Russell and Ashley.  I have been working on it all day and just now came to the same conclusion... Although I found a way to make the attempts work regardless of correct/incorrect answers.

I added a Submit button and a trigger to Submit the Interaction only when the user clicked Submit.  This means that they can change up their choice in case they dropped the trainer but then changed their mind about their answer once they saw the angle/view.  

Then, I added a number variable (DD_Attempts) to count the number of tries (number of clicks on the "Submit" button).  

In the layers, the default trigger for the "Continue" button is to hide the layer.  A second trigger was added saying to move on to the next Question if DD_Attempts = 3.  

Thanks again!

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