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Just a quick question - For 360, are the vector images in the Content Library in svg format? I'm looking for a library of artwork I can use both in Storyline and VideoScribe. For VideoScribe it *must* be SVG. If it is SVG, is there any way you could send a sample file so I can test? Preferably a color full-body image of a person in "cartoon" format. There are many thumbnails that show that type of image. 

My decision to purchase a 360 team subscription depends on the answer. I'm using the free trial now which only shows thumbnails - disappointing, it seems you'd include at least a few examples that we could use for testing.

Hope to hear from you in this forum.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jim!  Great question.  The assets available in the Content Library can be used however you like in the e-learning you create with Articulate 360.

To access Content Library assets in Storyline, go to your Insert tab, and you'll see your Content Library choices.  Choose which type of asset you need, like Characters, and begin searching.  Once you select your asset, Storyline will automatically download it and add it to your slide!

These Content Library assets are available during your 30-day free trial: 

  • Template: Velocity 
  • Photographic Characters: Al, Atsumi, Brandon, Laura 
  • Illustrated Characters: Andrew, Arthur, Lily, Marilyn 
  • All photos, illustrations, icons, and videos are included in the trial. 

The Content Library assets are not downloaded directly to your desktop where you could easily open them and use them in other tools, however.

Our product specialists are happy to talk about your specific needs, so feel free to reach out to them here, too!

James Wagner

Hi Crystal,

Actually none of the content you mention is available. All I see are thumbnails with no way to access anything. I spoke with someone on the phone who verified that the content library is not available during the trial period, just thumbnails. 

Maybe you can clarify? I'll be making a decision between Articulate and Adobe soon and so far Adobe is ahead.

Thanks - Jim Wagner

Crystal Horn

Hi Jim.  Thanks for getting back to me!  Are you trying to insert the content from within Storyline 360?  Maybe you can share a screenshot of what you're seeing when you're in Storyline.  Just attach it in your reply.

Content library is available to trial users with the exception of some characters and templates.  If you go to the Content Library site, you'll just see examples of what's available.  You'll access those assets directly from Storyline (and our other 360 apps)!