Velocity template: remove background png from tab order?

Good morning,

 I am working with the velocity template and while I have been able to remove some elements at the master slide level (to hide them from tab order), one appears throughout my slides and I can not find it in the master - anywhere.  I am befuddled.  It is labeled as "Slide Master-Picture" Alt text backgroundpolitico.png


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Ashley Weser

You and I are of like mind.  I tried hiding the background graphic, but then I lose the background color block from the slides.

A work around would be to make a color block and inserting it to the base layer of every blooming slide in the deck, but I am trying to avoid that  if possible.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ashley

see attached Peek Video with steps

  1. View > Slide Master > Master Layout > Deselect 'Preserved' option
  2. Exit Slide Master
  3. View > Slide Master > Master Layout > Hide Background graphics option
  4. Exit Slide Master
  5. Check Tab order and the SLIDEMASTER background image should be removed.

Hope that helps.

Sean Cummings

I just did this today! The backgroundpolitico.png is part of the top-most slide master in the Velocity set (which I am also using). Open the slide master, find the Velocity section. The backgroundpolitico.png is on the parent slide; it looks almost white but has some slight mottling to it. Right click on it, and select Accessibility from the menu. You'll know you have the correct element if the Alt Text field says "backgroundpolitico.png". Now just uncheck the box "Object is visible to accessibility tools." This picture will now disappear from your tab order for all slides but will stay visible throughout your project. No need to put a new background on every slide. Yeah! Screenshot attached.

PS. If you were like me and imported templates from the Community multiple times, you might have the Velocity template in your Slide Masters repeatedly. Hover over the slides to see which is actually the one you are using. Make the changes there (and delete the others).

This is all documented in the community article at . The directions in the "Tip" paragraph need to be updated to match the new Storyline interface, but hopefully you'll get some more tips from this page.

Good luck!