'Velocity' Template vs 'Velocity' Design Theme: source of confusion

(Storyline 360 comment. I mentioned this in another thread but I think it merits its own thread.)

The  'Velocity' Template (in Content Library) appears to bring with it (upon importing slides) a Design theme with a light background. But Storyline also has a different built-in Design Theme called 'Velocity,' which has dark background. This is confusing and has the potential of ruining a project.

I wonder if this is just an unfortunate single example where the designers made a poor judgment by using the same name ('Velocity') for both a Design Theme and a Template. The other built-in Design Theme names ('Dots,' 'Chalkboard,' etc.) appear to not overlap the other names of the Content Library Templates ('Serenity,' 'Inspire,' etc.)

If I'm correct, I would suggest renaming the 'Velocity' Design Theme to avoid confusing users. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Just as confusing is that, if I apply a different Design Theme, e.g., 'Clean', to the Velocity template slides, the original 'Velocity' theme (light background) vanishes from the Theme picker, so I can't reapply the original theme to the slides. Is that normal behavior for Content Library Templates? Is it considered a shortcoming? (I'm still on a trial version, so I can't test this with the paid templates.)

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