Verification of how Tin Can API integrates

Hi All!

I'm doing a Storyline product evaluation for my company and whereas our 3rd-party LMS doesn't have Tin Can API features built-in, can I verify the following regarding Storyline courses themselves actually reporting a course's activity to an external LRS:

Can you please verify the following:

  1. Where the Url to a course launch-page is, and,
  2. The Url to my LRS reporting service is

then for the Storyline's embedded JavaScript to automatically report the course result using Tin Can API to my LRS, all I have to do is launch the course using the following link (which is not url-escaped here for for readability but would normally be url-escaped):



&actor={"name": ["First Last"], "mbox": [""]}




Although this is more or less a cut-and-paste from Articulate's own link ( I just want to verify that if I initiate a course using a link like that, that the Storyline course will automatically pass results via PUT to


Additionally, could you please identify what the registration component of the querystring is.


i.e is it generated:

  1. by Storyline
  2. as our own separately created registration number and hence is merely included in the PUT request but has no dependency on Storyline itself
  3. Other

That is, what is the difference between activity_id and registration.

Thanks very much!

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