Vertical Layouts in E-Learning

Mar 07, 2017

I would like to make an eLearning course vertical.  What is the best width and height to use?  Thanks.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Norma!  Cool idea- are you thinking of setting up your course to view on a mobile phone or tablet in portrait mode, specifically?  I've seen some example work out there where the dimensions are "switched" to create the taller looking slides.

Here are a couple of resources that might help to guide you.  This article discusses selecting the optimal slide size, especially for mobile devices.  It will give you a rough guide of the dimensions and ratios that work for different devices.

Also, if you are using Storyline 360, you can lock the orientation of your course so that the learners have to keep their mobile devices in either portrait or landscape mode.  So once you get the course built, you can make sure folks are viewing it as intended!

Looking forward to community suggestions for you as well!  :)

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