Vertical scroll bar missing in certain types of web objects

We use web objects frequently in our Storyline tutorials (example), and we just noticed that the vertical scroll bar disappears for certain types of web objects. We're not sure when the problem occurred (we think it happened sometime in the last 3-6 months).

When we insert a web object for a regular website, there's no problem. It's when we embed a library database (specifically, any EBSCO databases) that the vertical scroll bar disappears. (You can see it on the screen for a second, but then it flickers and disappears in all of the browsers we tried.) The horizontal scroll bar is fine. Unfortunately, our library databases are password protected so I can only include a screencast of what it looks like.

The ability for our learners to search within a web object in our tutorials was one of the reasons we chose Storyline, so we're hoping that we can get this fixed. Has anyone seen this happen before?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Carrie -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! Apologies that I have not heard of something similar previously, but you mentioned that this had been working correctly previously, but is not any longer? May I ask if you have reached out to your library database administrator for their insights, as well?