Very Odd! - Never seen this before...

I've been working with SL from the beginning, but never seen a bug like this before. This is a project that was working just fine. Now when I open it, images show in the thumbnail on the left, but not in the slide workspace. Note that the "eyeball" is open. If I close it for an image, the image disappears in the thumbnail, but won't reappear when the eyeball is clicked back open again. Anyone seen anything like this?

Oh, and no, they aren't behind something else.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

I haven't seen it with just one or two images, but I have seen it where the entire slide is blank while the thumbnail shows everything. You won't like what I'm going to tell you next, but when we've looked at those files, it's been file corruption. 

You know the drill - first try importing it into a new project, and ensure you're working with local project files. 

If you'd like us to take a look at it, I'm still happy to do so. You can either share it here, or if you'd like to share it privately upload it to the Support link and place at the beginning of your description the following syntax so that it comes to me:


If you can include the link to the forum thread as well that'll be a good reminder.

Russell Still

Thanks, Ashley. Actually I just finished sending it in as a support case. I uninstalled SL and reinstalled it and that didn't help. I saved the project file with a new name, then loaded the new version, but still no change. I'll go give the SL-to-SL import and see if that works.

BTW, the problem appears on every slide. It may be limited to .jpgs, I'll have to confirm that.

Russell Still

Ugh, now here's some bad news - the import ignored all the images that were missing from the original slide. I sure hope the tech guys can do something with this. It would take me quite a few hours to rebuild it.

It appears that all .jpgs and half of the .pngs in the file are affected. Also, audio tracks don't load on any of the slides. I suspect that the .pngs that survived were ones that I had cut/pasted from other projects (as opposed to being inserted using the normal menu functions).

 Case Number: 00379463