Very slow response

Hello all,

I am having issues with Articulate 360. It is very slow to respond once the application is open. Trying to move objects around the screen, use the menu's and focus on existing boxes/captions takes 5 seconds on average to respond, each and every time.

Troubleshooting: closed all other apps down; shutting down and restarting (application and PC); Uninstalling and reinstalling - the same issue persists.

This issue only starting occurring 2 days ago when there was no change to my PC environment; no updates, no Windows updates occurred during this time.

Trying to use Articulate now is sooo frustrating, it is seriously impacting my project work.

Any idea's?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Thomas. Our team is currently focused on investigating the issue of slowed performance with Storyline 360.  I don't have an update yet, but I've tagged your discussion to be updated when we do.

I'm really sorry for the frustration.  If you can share an example file where you're seeing the slowdown with our support team, that would be fantastic.

Thomas Elvins

Hi Crystal,

So, you are saying my issues are not isolated; a lot of users are having the same issue?

It is not the file; even if I open a complete new file (scene or project), it does exactly the same thing. I have created numerous files with just text content and the result is the same. Also, I cannot share my work outside my environment.

I appreciate your concern but yes, it is extremely frustrating and very unproductive. I am hoping this is flagged as a high priority.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thomas,

It's definitely a high priority for us and having more sample files that present the behavior help us confirm and track down the root cause.

Since you're seeing it regardless of file and you're unable to share, our team will continue to investigate with the examples we do have, and we'll let you know here once we have more information. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thomas, 

We just released Update 14 of Storyline 360, and that resolved a behavior where Storyline could become sluggish or display a low memory error, especially after several hours of use.

We found a memory leak and fixed the problem. We're so sorry for the frustration it caused. 

We're continuing to look into the overall performance issues mentioned, so I'll let you know here once we have any more info to share or updates. 

Cheryl Berthau

I was having the same problems and was just about to ask about it when I saw this thread.   I use 360 for hours when I'm in full out dev mode.  I even got  a low memory message when I tried to save my file - and I had 10 gb of ram available.  I'm glad you found the problem.  I'm going to update now and see if it resolves the issue.  I really thought it was my computer...glad to know i don't have to get a new one...Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristen,

There are still some performance issues with Storyline 360 (the fix mentioned was specific to the low memory errors and a leak that was occurring). Rebooting 5 times is not what I'd expect no matter what, so I'd like to see if our Support Engineers can spot something else off. If you reach out to them here they'll be able to work with you one on one. 

Cheryl Berthau

360 is still running a little slow slow after the update, but not nearly as bad as before. Yesterday it it worked well and I had it running a little over 8 hours. Today it started to give me some issues by not fully showing all my triggers. It was if they were laying on top of each other. If I undocked, they would like fine and then lay on of each other again. At one point, I couldn't delete a trigger - the action was unavailable.  I closed 360 and reopened and it was okay. Before I would get this horrible grinding sound as if my computer fan was on overdrive, so far I haven't heard that anymore.  I'll keep making notes as I work and report out.  Thanks.

Thomas Elvins

Well, I am still having serious issues with slowness. At times, it can take 6-7 seconds for a response. It is extremely frustrating as it is nearly taking twice as long to complete any work, Seeing this is not only affecting me, why is it not on the top of the list for developers to provide a complete solution? This should be classed as a critical incident and have a much higher priority.

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to run your suggested update as yet but as it stands, from other posts, the update has not been successful and I have no confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed using previous versions of Articulate and had no issues what-so-ever but I am losing faith in this latest version.

I will give some further feedback however; I used the Freeform Quiz option to create some Drag and Drop questions and funny enough, those slides/iterations were NOT slow at all. They responded straight away and worked without any delay. The rest or any new "normal" work however, is still the same.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for continuing to share your experience with us, it's all really helpful for our team as we continue working on this performance issue. The issue we fixed in update 14 was specific to the Available memory errors, sorry if that was confusing in this post! 

We're still working on the overall performance and the lagging behavior that folks have seen and shared.

I hope you'll stick with us while we fix this, as it's a top priority and we'll let you know once that is rolled out in an update.

Thomas Elvins

Thanks for the update. However, I feel that the overall problem is very much memory related. The update may have fixed a minor issue (and I say "may"), but the whole issue is probably memory related. I am referring to how the application allocates memory, and not the actual PC memory.

To clarify; my current PC is well within specs and other (DEV) machines have even higher specs and the issue is still the same.

What I have noticed is that some images and text are slightly distorted and is noticeable. I remember when I first started on this project that the same images were fine (approx. 6 weeks ago). This is of course, stating that the performance issues are still occurring. However, it may help with diagnosing the issue and providing a solution.

mortaza jahan


I using StoryLine 3.6 and this issue (slow down performance when number of objects and layers increase) made app unusable...

over 1 year you can not improve this issue?! /:


<note: when program have slow performance... CPU Ram or Hard Usage is Low!... And program not usues all capacity of system!>


Vincent Scoma

Hey Mortaza,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a slow down in performance when adding multiple objects and layers. Could I have you try the following to see if this helps: 

  1. Save a copy of your project in a new folder in your local drive (ex. C:/Temp) and try working from there. 
  2. Try import your slides to a new Storyline project file and see if you'll get the same results: Importing Slides from Other Storyline Projects
  3. If you are seeing the same results, could I have you try a simple repair

If you have gone through these steps and that doesn't seem to improve performance, would it be okay if you could share the troublesome file? You can also send them privately to our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.