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Is there any way to have one video (say five minutes long) run across multiple slides so I can ask questions that go through the video as it's playing.

i.e Question 1 appears in the first minute of the movie and the student answers that question in 20 seconds then can continue watching the video when the question I want to ask next appears at 45 seconds but on the next slide at 1 minute the next question appears. 

Alternatively the questions can all appear on 1 slide at intervals ( I suppose that it timeline usage but that doesn't appear to be able to handle multiple questions on one slide).

Just for info I have powerpoint 2013 and I can make a video run through multiple slides but I cannot import that version of ppt into storyline. And if I go back to ppt 2010 then the video across slides doesn't seem to work....




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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Richard,

Storyline doesn't insert videos across multiple slides, unless you're using Step-by-step screen recordings. Each action in a Step-by-step recording is inserted on a new slide. You could work with something like this, or you could break up your videos in single video screen recordings, insert them into the slides and have the questions appear when the user clicks on a link or try showing it using the timeline. 

I made a quick example using a single video screen recording that shows the video on the slide for about 11 seconds. When those 11 seconds are up, the video goes away and the quiz question is displayed. Keep in mind, this is just a simple example of how you can get this to work for your project. Obviously, you can adjust the time to whatever you'd like, then bring the quiz question in after a certain time.

You could have the feedback prompts for the quiz jump to the next video slide and insert the questions in the same fashion.

I'm attaching the example file if you'd like to check it ou.

I hope this helps, or gets you closer to what you'd like to accomplish!



Robert Olasz

Hi Christine,

If I use a long video on a slide, is there any way to set trigger to go for polling question? I would like to keep the attention of the student with polling quizzes... so ask them in every 5 minutes, till the end of the video (about 45 mins long). When I get the answer it sould be back to the video.


Michael Hinze

@Robert: Correct, the 'When timeline reaches' trigger I only available in SL2. In SL1 you can use shaper that are placed offstage and start at specific time. For example, you could use a shape that starts 20 sec into the timeline and has a trigger attached that shows  lightbox when timeline starts. And yes, you can use  lightbox to display questions from a question bank, here is an example:

Robert Olasz

Hi Emily,

When I create these standalone question slides, and arrive to results it only shows the first question, and not collects the results from other slides. As I checked your demo it also do the same. Why, and how can I collect the results from these standalone slides, and how can I see all question slides when I hit the review button?


Emily Ruby

Hello Robert!

I ran a test through my file above, and all three questions reported to the results slide. Please make sure that in your results slide, you are selecting all of the questions to pull from:

For jumping to the slides in review, it may get a little tricky with them being lightboxed. You may have to use a custom next button that appears only in review (you could use a variable for this) and have that button jump to the corresponding quiz slide that would be next.


Robert Olasz

Hi, yes you are right it was really tricky :) I set a global variable called: ReviewInProgress and set the value false. When I click the review button it sets the state of variable to true.

I have two buttons all of my lightbox slides submit button (initial state normal) and next button (initial state hidden). When the revision started state of both button change (submit to disabled, next to normal)...

Im sure will have more questions, but now it's working correctly.