Video Advancement in Slide not working

Is it me or did the most recent update remove the ability to let the user advance a video, with the video controls that can be made visible below the video?

I have a project with three very long videos, that we will be (with triggered messages) forcing them to watch at least once. During build I have used a 5 second video clip to quickly move past these slides and test. I could also test my triggers quickly by clicking the video viewing bar (scrubber) up to four seconds, and I would only then have to wait one second after I clicked play, to perform my trigger test.

I have been doing this for the last two months on testing, so I don't think I'm crazy. But now, that doesn't work. I updated 360 this morning. And I started to replace my 5 second place holders with the full length videos. For obvious reasons, I do not want to have to wait for a fifty minute video to complete before moving on with testing.

My triggers are still working fine, so far, but it appears the user no longer has the ability advance a video. And using the player seek bar for video review and advancing seems to be not terribly cooperative.

We want users to be able to scrub through the video if they come back to review it, and I can't seem to get any settings that will let me do that.

Is there something I missed?

Settings for video: Show in slide, Play when clicked, Controls below video. Player settings, Seekbar is unchecked. Video is an .m4v, another is .mp4, another is wmv. None of them had a problem before. All of them have the same problem today.


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Kathy Wasson

In fact, I realized I had saved a version of my file in Review nearly two weeks ago. When I open up that old version I can manipulate the video player exactly as needed. I can advance until nearly the end, and then click play. The newest version will not let me move forward or back in the video, at all. Even after it has played through once.

Ren Gomez

Hi Kathy,

Thanks so much for reaching out, and I'm sorry for the struggle with figuring out what went wrong! We do currently have a bug reported where the user is unable to scrub the seekbar in the built-in video controls for Storyline 360 Update 37.

We're prioritizing a fix for this, so we'll jump back in here when we have this up and running again!

In the meantime, you can revert back to an older version of Storyline 360 if you need to wrap up your course that contains video controls.

Katie Riggio

Hey, Kathy!

I'm excited to share that the hotfix Ren mentioned is ready! It addresses the issue where learners couldn't click or drag the seekbar on the built-in video controls.

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for bringing it up!