Video and Audio Issues

Hi - I am new to Storyline. I created a project with a slide that has a character and audio and then i have it cut into a video.  At first everything worked well but when I tried to add audio trailer after the video it now cuts off my video.  The timing is correct so there should be no overlap and i have checked everything i can think of.  Also, another item I ran into was when I published, it does not play the video at all, just shows the blank slide.

Can I please get some assistance.

Thank you,


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Theresa Prestine-Dommer

Hi Mike,

When I try to upload the attachments it is only allowing me to choose one item at a time. I have another project we created where we used Record Screen option and it worked great in the "preview" but not working when we "publish".

Can you tell me what you need to help me trouble shoot this?  Thank you!


ps- i added the Story and Story Unsupported HTML